Tomson Technologies

Technology Development


Tomson Technologies is a leader in chemical additive compatibility issues in unconventional oil and gas water treatment.

Our compatibility research focuses on:

  • Chemical additive compatibility
  • Stream mixing compatibility
  • Rock-water interactions

Additive and water stream compatibility is paramount to properly treat injection and produced water, to maintain high production and prevent down-hole completion issues in unconventional oil and gas wells. Research performed at Tomson Technologies has been directly integrated into ScalePREDICT software to allow for real-time additive decision making ability for operators.

Produced water reuse has become a priority for shale development. As produced water is mixed with fresh water in different proportions, the properties of the mixture can significantly affect the performance of the additive needed for a successful frac operation such as friction reducers, biocides, scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, viscosity enhancers, and others. The Tomson Technologies SCALEPREDICT is a powerful tool to determine the properties of the water mixture as well as its compatibility with additives.