Tomson Technologies

Technology Development

Core Testing

Tomson Technologies has the technology to perform core testing in the laboratory under realistic brine compositions, temperature, pressure and strictly anoxic (<<1 ppb O2) conditions.

Core testing is used in the industry to determine various reservoir characteristics such as permeability, porosity, scale inhibitor retention and release, water injection, enhanced oil recovery methods and other techniques. Tomson Technologies’ setup is dynamic to accommodate various project needs and is typically developed on a case-to-case basis.

Tomson Technologies currently performs core flooding research up to 250°C and 25,000 psig on the following topics:

  • CO2 flooding in carbonate reservoirs
  • Water Alternating Gas (WAG) effect on produced water composition and production rates
  • Inhibitor squeeze simulation
  • Chemical transport through porous media
  • Three phase flow modeling and experimental work
  • Fines migration simulation and modeling
  • Other flow assurance