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Field Sampling

Field sampling programs are essential for water management in unconventional operations. Water treatment as well as reuse depend on sampling and water analysis results. Field sampling can be a challenging task for operators and requires proper sampling methods, coordination of sample shipment to a third party lab and long wait times for results. Tomson has years of experience in field sampling and provides the service to clients. Tomson’s personnel are trained on adequate sampling methods to ensure reliable results, field HSE and hazmat shipping. Tomson will provide all materials, bottles, labels and a field test kit to test crucial parameters on site before shipping the samples to our labs for complete analysis. The sampling can be performed by Tomson personnel or directly by the clients personnel with prior training.

During our field sampling, Tomson Technologies has collected samples from hundreds of wells in numerous basins across North America.

To monitor effectively the field water parameters, Tomson Technologies utilizes a field test kit. Our field water test kit can rapidly analyze the most important water characteristics without the need for sending samples to a lab and waiting for results. Use of the field water test kit yield substantial cost savings while still maintaining a high level of additive and treatment accuracy.