Tomson Technologies


Flow Assurance Testing

Tomson Technologies has significant experience in flow assurance research and technology. Flow assurance is one of the most costly problems to the O&G industry and extensive research and testing is performed on this topic. Tomson Technologies strives to conduct reliable testing and product certification for flow assurance with a focus on field applicability. Tomson has the capability to recreate the temperature, pressure and fluid composition of the field when testing for flow assurance concerns. Tomson Technologies is an industry leader in flow assurance research and testing at extreme conditions where little is known and little can be predicted about scale formation, corrosion, microbial analysis, fines migration, and inhibition.

Tomson strives to validate the choice of materials and additives to be used in flow assurance control in the oilfield by using our R&D capabilities and expertise to simulate the temperature, pressure, fluid composition, and stress in the operating conditions.

Some of the most common tests that relate to flow assurance are:

  • Dynamic Scale Loop (DSL)
  • Autoclave Corrosion Testing
    • Rotating Cage Autoclave (RCA)
    • Static
    • Linear Polarization Resistance Monitoring (LPR)
  • Glass Cell Corrosion Testing
    • Rotating Cylinder Electrode (RCE)
    • Static
    • Linear Polarization Resistance Monitoring (LPR)
  • Core Testing
    • Permeability monitoring
    • Fines migration
    • Scale inhibitor squeeze
  • Scale prediction software ScalePREDICT