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Flow Assurance

Tomson Technologies has significant experience in flow assurance research and technology. Flow assurance is one of the most costly problems to the O&G industry and extensive research is performed on this topic. Tomson Technologies strives to conduct innovative research and development on current field challenges, with the focus on producing field-applicable technologies and solutions. Tomson Technologies is an industry leader in flow assurance research and testing at extreme conditions where little is known and little can be predicted about scale formation, corrosion, microbial analysis, fines migration, and inhibition.

Flow assurance is a diverse topic and Tomson covers most related areas. Tomson has a multiphase model and transient flow simulator incorporated into ScalePREDICT. Different types of solid deposits can affect flow assurance and Tomson has the capability to study multiple ones. Scale, corrosion, asphaletene, wax, paraffin and hydrate deposition to mention a few.

Flow assurance has to be controlled in a wide range of temperature ranging from high temperature up to low seabed temperature where asphaltene deposition and hydrate formation become a concern. The remediation costs and production loss due to flow assurance problems can be very large and therefore good prevention techniques are essential.

Pressure also plays an important role in flow assurance as a pressure loss in pipelines can lead to a flow assurance concern due to scale formation.

Key flow assurance areas:

  • Hydrate formation
  • Wax deposition
  • Asphaltene formation
  • Sand and solids transport
  • Corrosion
  • Erosion
  • Scale deposition
  • Microbial fouling
  • Fines migration