Tomson Technologies

Technology Development


Tomson Technologies routinely performs research, testing, and development on corrosion and scale inhibitors.

Tomson Technologies has laboratory capabilities to evaluate scale inhibitors performance under reservoir conditions, strictly anoxic (<< 1 ppb O2), temperature, pressure and field brine compositions.

Tomson Technologies routinely performs journal publication level research and expert testing on various topics related to inhibitor performance in the oil and gas industry.

  • Simultaneous effects of corrosion and scale inhibitorsat reservoir conditions can be evaluated for a specific application.
  • Thermal stability of chemical inhibitors can be evaluated on a performance basis under field conditions.
  • Tomson Technologies provides an unbiased benchmarking of commercially available field inhibitors on a performance basis for both conventional and unconventional production conditions, using tube blocking, bottle testing, and other methods.
  • Inhibitor prediction software has been extensively developed at Tomson Technologies and is continuous evaluated against laboratory data.
  • Scale inhibitor performance under squeeze treatments can be evaluated at reservoir conditions in intact core samples.
  • Corrosion inhibitors performance is tested by analyzing both uniform and localized corrosion under various temperatures, scale species, corrosion products, CO2partial pressures, brine chemistries, and alloy materials.
  • Corrosion and scale inhibitor Hastelloy C-276 autoclave testing with high temperature electrochemistry three probe setup up to 3,000 psig and 300°C.
  • Corrosion and scale inhibitor autoclave weight lossexperiments for general corrosion and surface corrosion product analysis.