Tomson Technologies

Our Team

Ross Tomson
President, Founder / Ross Tomson, J.D., M.E.S.

Ross Tomson

Ross Tomson is President and Founder of Tomson Technologies. Mr. Tomson successfully completes complex, multi-phase projects while leading Tomson Technologies. He works directly with oil and gas production and service companies around the world. Mr. Tomson obtained advanced degrees from Rice University and South Texas College of Law. His expertise grows through his work with companies, universities, and governments in the United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. In addition to being active in professional organizations and outreach programs, he is appointed in Rice University’s Civil & Environmental Engineering Department.

Vice President, Partner / Paula Guraieb, M.S

Paula Guraieb

Paula Guraieb is Vice President and Partner of Tomson Technologies. She leads technical and management aspects of research and development projects at Tomson Technologies. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Sustainable Environmental Engineering and Design from Rice University. After working for a top oil and gas company in Mexico City, she joined the Tomson Technologies team and develops solutions that aid oil and gas extraction by maximizing production and developing innovative technologies

Lead R&D Chemical Engineer / Kristin Conrad Powell, Ph.D

Kristin Powell

Dr. Kristin Powell is Lead R&D Chemical Engineer of Tomson Technologies. In this role, she leads multi-year, multi-million dollar research projects to develop novel technologies for the oil and gas industry. Dr. Powell holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Florida where her doctoral research focused on understanding how fundamental interfacial properties of multi-phase systems affect bulk behavior, with an emphasis on oil-water interfaces, emulsions, and nanoparticle systems. Her industrial research has primarily focused on developing specialty formulations for slow release technologies. Dr. Powell has additionally received two graduate certificates in Engineering Entrepreneurship and Engineering Safety from the University of Florida.

Research Scientist / Rangana Jayawickramage, Ph.D

Rangana Jayawickramage

Dr. Rangana Jayawickramage is a research scientist at Tomson technologies. She received her Ph.D. in chemistry from University of Texas at Dallas and before her Ph.D., she has worked as a research scientist at Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology for two and half years focusing on nanotechnology research.

Technical Specialist / Bradley Nguyen, M.S.

Bradley Nguyen

Bradley Nguyen is a technical specialist at Tomson Technology. He received both his Master and Bachelor degree of petroleum engineering from University of Texas at Austin. His research focuses on developing novel production technologies for challenging reservoirs, i.e. tight formations, heavy oil and tar sand. His work at Tomson Technology includes engineering laboratory trials on technology that prevent formation damage from scale, wax, and asphaltene deposition.

Chemist / Kyle Swanson, B.S.

Kyle Swanson

Kyle Swanson earned a B.S. in Biochemistry and Mathematics in 2015 and has been providing analytical services in various chemical industries since. He has previously held positions as a quality assurance chemist for a manufacturing company and as a chromatography chemist for BP America. He practicies organic and inorganic chemistry and separation science at Tomson Technologies and always strives to provide the most efficient and best quality analysis for the customer.

Daniel De Vera
Lab Technician / Daniel De Vera, B.A.

Daniel De Vera

Daniel De Vera is a laboratory technician at Tomson Technologies. He graduated in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Baylor University. Prior to joining Tomson Technologies, he worked on characterizing interactions between crude oils, waters, and specialty chemicals used in the oilfield. He assists and supports various projects at Tomson Technologies.

Office Administrator / Kayla Lehman

Kayla Lehman

Kayla Lehman is the office administrator for Tomson Technologies. She is in charge of office operations including sample handling and hazmat shipping. Kayla also is the front line for customer relations and routinely helps the connection between clients and our labs. Accomplished in book keeping including AR, AP, procurement, and invoicing, Kayla puts her skills to work helping Tomson Technologies run smoothly.

Alex Tran
Research Chemist / Alex Tran

Alex Tran

Alex Tran earned a B.S in Chemistry from University of Central Florida. She worked as a research assistant in nano-material synthesis research and as an R&D chemist working mainly in oil analysis for the ship industry prior to joining Tomson Technologies.  She helps with research and analysis projects at Tomson Technologies.