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Technology Development

Scale Prediction and Inhibition

Core flooding simulations at reservoir conditions can effectively simulate the performance of production chemicals. Some of the most common chemicals to be evaluated in a core flooding setup are scale inhibitors. Scale inhibitors are assessed for the long term return performance in a laboratory setup and these results are then modeled to accurately represent the field squeeze conditions.
Tomson Technologies offers a wide variety of core flooding capabilities including high pressure (up to 25,000 psig) and high temperature (up to 300°C), three-phase flooding in Hastelloy C core apparatus to prevent corrosion and ion interaction during the experiment.

Tomson Technologies is continuously conducting research and development of the following areas to improve scale inhibitor squeeze treatment

  • Effect of inhibitor pH on return concentration
  • Effect of pH on reservoir damage and phase retention
  • Improvement of inhibitor retention
  • Effect of inhibitor pill concentration
  • Extension of squeeze life