Tomson Technologies


Third Party Certification

We use our research and testing resources to evaluate product performance according to client specifications. Our engineers and scientists provide unique expertise to custom design testing apparatus to meet the product application environment.

Tomson Technologies provides an unbiased benchmarking of commercially available chemicals on a performance basis for both conventional and unconventional production conditions. Confidentiality is a key component of our client relationship and all the generated information will be kept as strictly confidential within Tomson Technologies

Common product certifications

    • Corrosion inhibitor performance
      • Autoclave
      • Glass cell
    • Material selection
      • Exposure tests
    • Scale inhibitor
      • Dynamic Scale Loop (DSL)
      • Bottle Test
      • NACE 0374
      • Squeeze performance
    • Friction Reducer
      • 1” and ½” diameter performance loops
    • Thermal stability of chemicals
    • Iron or calcium tolerance
    • Custom product certification

    Simultaneous effects of corrosion and scale inhibitors at reservoir conditions can be evaluated for a specific application.